Chilean artist exhibits sculptures made from quake rubble

Chilean Artist Ignacio Valdes put on show in Santiago a series of his sculptures made from rubble and other fragments of a house.

The house was leveled down by the earthquake on February 27, 2010 in the Colchagua Valley, some 180 kilometers away from the capital city.

(Soundbite) Ignacio Valdes, Artist
“As an artist I try to create with the materials. I try to create with colors, painting or even three-dimensional pieces. I think that all these woods and pieces were very expressive, with all these nails retaining or encapsulating a lot of energy.”

More than 70 works correlated the visitors at the Museum of Contemporary Art to the disaster six years ago and reminded them about the tragic beauty of the catastrophe.

(Soundbite) Ignacio Valdes, Artist
“That is what attracted me and I was making them in units, but not a single artwork. Then they became a series, but the idea was born later. The first things just simply went together.”

Ignacio Valdes was born in 1956 and is now a visual artist at the Catholic University of Chile.

He once studied fine arts in Italy, France, the United States and England.

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