Chilean families invited to adopt dogs on Children’s Day

Right before August 9, the Chilean Children’s Day, local kids and parents were invited to the Portal Shopping Mall in Santiago to adopt stray dogs as new family members.

(Soundbite) Leticia Guillou, Director of Foundation of Claws and Paws
“The Children’s Day is one of the most important dates of the year for us, so we want everything to be perfect. We organize a nice day of adoption for children to know that they can not only receive toys, but also have a dog on the street, which was rescued by the foundation, and incorporate it as a family member.”

As an alternative way to celebrate the Children’s Day, the organizer thought it as valuable in educating the youngsters in love and care, not only for their families, but the society.

(Soundbite) Leticia Guillou, Director of Foundation of Claws and Paws
“There are more important things, and one of them is responsible ownership. Getting your children to know about this since the beginning is priceless.”

According to official figures, there are about 1.7 million abandoned dogs in Chile.
Since May 2009, Chile has carried out a national plan of sterilization, combined with regulation of the rights and obligations of animal owners.
Such measures have helped improve the situation of pets and decreased relevant accidents.

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