Chilean fans eager to copy haircuts of football stars

Chilean fans eager to copy haircuts of football stars

A barber shop near the National Stadium in Santiago, Chile, the host city of the 2015 Copa America championship, became bustling just before the semi-final match between Peru and Chile on Monday.

Fans wearing their favorite players’ jerseys flocked here share one more thing of their icons – the haircuts.

(Soundbite) Fernando Acosta, Chilean Fan
“I think the Copa America excitement is all over the country. Getting the haircut is very normal, since bets and other similar things are also done. Plus, Chile is doing really well. And that’s one option.”

At the Moreno Barber Shop, the most popular styles these days derived from Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez, Mauricio Isla and Eduardo Vargas.

Fans strove to get groovy haircuts before heading to the stadium to root for their team.

(Soundbite) Jorge Gómez, Barner Shop Owner
“What they ask for a lot these days is the hairstyles of Eduardo Vargas and Alexis Sanchez. They are becoming ever more popular, because Chile is advancing. They are making a lot of bets with the Arturo Vidal haircut, because it’s not a cut that you see all the time. But I think we Chileans are so excited about the Copa America that we are wearing the jerseys, as well as with the looks of the players.”

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