China, Algeria to build Algeria’s biggest port

China and Algeria have inked a 3.3 billion U.S. dollar deal to build Algeria’s biggest transshipment port.

The project is planned to complete within seven years.

Two Chinese companies and the Algerian government signed an agreement on Sunday to build a mega sea port in Algeria.

Under the deal, the two sides will set up a consortium company in March to build the port, some 60 km west of the capital Algiers.

The port will have 23 docks capable of processing 6.5 million 20-foot containers and 30 million tons of bulk cargo per year.

Wen Jingfei, manager of one of the Chinese companies involved, says that the project is important not only for Algeria but for the Mediterranean region and Africa.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) WEN JINGFEI, China Harbor Engineering Company
“Algeria has been mulling to build such a port for many years. It’s designed to be a transshipment port in the Mediterranean region that will provide services to North Africa and Europe.”
作为中部港阿尔及利亚已经考虑多年了, 它的定位现在是环地中海地区的一个中转港, 包括向北非和欧洲的转运服务.

The project is planned to be completed within seven years, and will gradually be put into service within four years.

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