China and Colombia grow closer through art

An army of seventy imposive warriors, dressed in red, blue, yellow and white, have appeared at Park 93, north of the Colombian capital, drawing the attention of passersby, who pose next to the towering soldiers .
Terracotta warriors, recreated in the original size of the real warriors in China, represent the detail and diversity of Chinese culture, while inaugurating the country’s participation in the 15th edition of the Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogota, to inaugurate the Year of Cultural Exchange between China-Latin America and the Caribbean 2016.
(Soundbite, Spanish) – Ana Marta Pizarro, Director of the Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogota
“I think this opens a door for such exchanges. We have almost always brought Chinese works to the festival, there is always something from the Chinese repertoire. I think that opens a new possibility and that relationship will intensify before 2018. ”

Members of the public expressed their curiosity at the exhibition, which was designed eight years ago to open the Olympic Games in Beijing, in order to show that Chinese culture is the soul of its people.
The idea of this work is to present the modern face of China and transcend the most popular aspects of its culture.
(Soundbite, Spanish) – Samil Yang, President of the Asia Latin America Cultural Foundation
“China is an extremely important cultural country. It has played a similar role to, in the Western context, the culture of the Roman Empire. It has positively influenced other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. It is therefore important to show the essence of this Asian culture through this exhibition in Bogota. ”
On March 20, the exhibition will move to the center of Bogota to be installed in the Plaza de Bolivar, where it is expected to reach many more Colombians interested in knowing the history behind these luminous warriors and horses.

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