China and LatAm keep on boosting trade at 9th business summit

Heavy-duty trucks, pick-up vehicles and ambulances, high-speed trains, and frontier drones.
These are what China has been offering for Latin America to help develop its society and economy.
In return, glassware, tequila liquor, corn chips, blue and red berries, among many others, are the natural gifts that the Latinos pride themselves on and make ready for China’s purchase.
To buy and sell, the key words just heated up the 9th China-Latin American Business Summit inaugurated on Oct. 13 In Mexico’s second largest city of Guadalajara in its southeastern state of Jalisco.
(Soundbite) Luo Fuhe, Chinese Representative
“As the world economy is weak and commodity prices are down, the Latin American countries face a sliding economy and mounting pressure. Though, Latin America is still a region with great potential. China is fully confident about the prospects of the Latin American economy.”
Besides the commodities on display, China has been conducting cooperation with Latin American countries in the field of telecommunication, renewable energy, nuclear power and infrastructure in recent years, according to the attendees.
Government officials and nearly 2,000 business leaders from China and 24 Latin American and Caribbean countries gathered for the two-day summit.
According to official figures, the two-way trade volumes between China and Latin America increased from 1.26 billion U.S. dollars in 1979 to 263.6 billion dollars in 2014.
China’s goal is to double the trade figures to nearly 500 billion dollars in 10 years.
China is Latin America’s second-largest source of imports, and the third largest destination for its exports.

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