China-Australia ties entering “golden age”: Australian PM

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says China-Australia relations are entering a “golden age” thanks to China’s local expatriate community.

At a leaders dinner for Australia’s Chinese Community Association in Sydney on Saturday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said China-Australia ties will grow deeper, and better and stronger in the years ahead.

Turnbull says the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is a fundamental foundation to Australia’s future prosperity, with trade barriers removed and markets opened to facilitate mutual prosperity.

He says bilateral ties are entering “a golden age”, and that the credit for it will not lay with politicians, but with the Chinese Australian community.

Turnbull describes the Chinese community as Australia’s greatest asset.

China’s Ambassador to Australia Ma Zhaoxu agrees that the China- Australia relationship is indeed in a golden age and the two sides will make it even better in the future.

Ma says Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Australia in 2014 opens a new chapter in the strong bilateral relations.

Ma also says the recently signed China-Australia FTA is not for the short term interest, but the future of the two countries.

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