China-built ECU911 coordinates emergency response for quake relief in Ecuador

ECU911, the nationwide integrated system for emergency response, handled at least 17,888 cases within the two days after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Ecuador on April 16.

(Soundbite) Francisco Rolayo, ECU911 Director
“We were in the operating room after the earthquake happened, and we continued to operate. We are here with all the devices running to cover the country’s demands.”

In the ECU911 headquarters in Quito, over 20 Chinese technicians work day and night to ensure this life-saving system running well at any critical moment.

(Soundbite) Francisco Rolayo, ECU911 Director
“With the service and the infrastructure here, we can supervise and take control of all the areas affected by the earthquake.”

Designed and built by China National Electronics Import and Export Corp., ECU 911 connects Ecuador’s various security and disaster relief agencies, from police force, fire departments, transportation, paramedic units to Red Cross, for emergency reaction as fast as possible.

(Soundbite) Francisco Rolayo, ECU911 Director
“All emergencies generated from the provinces of Ecuador are routed by the system to the center. That is, from Quito, we are attending emergencies reported from Guayaquil and Guayas “.

By a single telephone number 911, the 16 commanding and control posts of ECU911 across the nation have played a key role in handling urgent needs for the relief works, thanks to the thousands of cameras, GPS, as well as overall analysis of various resources and information.

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