China, Egypt to strengthen media co-op

China’s official Xinhua News Agency and leading Egyptian media are ready for broader and deeper cooperation.

The plan came at the time when Chinese President Xi Jinping is about to pay his first state visit to the most populous Arab nation and the Middle East region.

In his talks with Chairman of the Board of Al Ahram Foundation Ahmed El-Sayed El-Nagger, Cai said Xinhua and Al Ahram have enjoyed long-term friendly cooperation, while he intends through his visit to further deepen it.

He also believed that the two news bodies should work together in delivering quality economic information service with the aim of meeting the needs of the developing economies that seek investment and business opportunities.

Last July, Xinhua launched new information services focusing on providing economic and financial information for investors in the Belt and Road Initiative.

In his meeting with Alaa Heidar, board chairman and editor in chief of Egypt official news agency MENA, Cai said Xinhua values its cooperation with MENA, and hopes to further boost their partnership.

He also said that the two news agencies, as both leading press of the two countries, should play a key role in covering the stories of the two countries, instead of relying on the Western media for news reporting and information.

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