China fashion revisits Milan

Chinese couture designers have re-visited the world’s fashion capital during the high season of year.
In Milan, they have showcased collections of Made-in-China designs, through 15 finalists from this year’s Elite Model Look contest.
Beside the T-stage is John Hooks, who is from the PGM Group which focuses on fashion and luxury brands. He has his CEO insight about the revisit.

“We are attracted by China because of the great culture stimulation that we get from China and also the enormity of the market.”
On display on the stage are six Chinese fashion brands. Each brand evolves and develops from sketches of a finalist designer at the Vogue Talents for Asia contest.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): DU YUMIN, chief designer with Canudilo H Holidays
“Our brand Canudilo H Holidays resorts to China’s national treasure the giant panda as inspiration for such elements as elegance, delicacy, taste and grace. I think it’s getting trendy for Chinese designers to trace to Chinese cultures for recreation and resources.”

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