China military reform to reshape command system, set new battle zones

China is planning to reorganize its military administration structure and military command system, with President Xi Jinping calling for “breakthroughs” in the effort.

And a Defense Ministry official says the restructuring of China’s military will not affect the country’s defense policy, which is defensive in nature.

China will launch sweeping reforms to its military structure.

The Central Military Commission, CMC, will take charge of the overall administration of the army, armed police, militia, and reserve forces.

New “battle zones” will be created to focus on combat, replacing the existing seven “military regions”.

Other reforms include establishing a joint operational command structure by 2020, as well as cutting troop numbers by 300,000.

YANG YUJUN, Spokesman for National Defense Ministry
“The reforms are aimed at achieving breakthroughs in the military administration system and joint operation command systems, optimize military structure, enhance policy systems and civilian-military integration, and build a modern military with Chinese characteristics that can win computer-based wars.”

China’s military structural reform was first unveiled on Thursday, at a meeting attended by over 200 high-ranking military officials in Beijing.

At the meeting, President Xi Jinping urged “breakthroughs” in reform of the country’s armed forces by 2020.

The gathering is seen as “a milestone in China’s military development”, but the Defense Ministry spokesman also says, China’s peace commitment will not be affected by the overhaul.

YANG YUJUN, Spokesman for National Defense Ministry
“Chinese armed forces will always be a staunch force to safeguard world peace and regional stability.”

President Xi says deepening reforms is a crucial step for the military’s future, a sure path to a strong military, and a call of the time to realize the Chinese dream as well as a strong military dream.

ZHENG XIANJUN, Commander of Frontier Group in Yunnan Military Region:
“Deepening reform of national defense and the army, is not only a key strategic project to safeguard national interests and maintain national stability, but also a necessity to ensure that we can fight and win battles. We firmly support the reforms in the military structures.”

Analysts say the reorganization will help build a strong military force that suits China’s international status, and provides guarantee for the “Chinese dream” of rejuvenating the Chinese nation.

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