China-Myanmar relations

The “Belt and Road” Initiative, advocated by China, is a great concept which not only benefits China but also contributes to the development of Myanmar and the region.

Myanmar President’s chief political adviser U Ko Ko Hlaing made the remarks in an interview with CNC World.

U Ko Ko Hlaing said China is a driving force for the development of world economy. Despite fluctuation of China’s stock market, he believed that China could overcome the challenges and maintain the sustainable development.

He said China is Myanmar’s biggest economic partner, not only as Myanmar’s biggest source of investment, but also as the largest trading partner.

When asked about the trend of China-Myanmar relations, he pointed out that no matter it is viewed from the strategic angle or from the socio-economic perspective, China is always important to Myanmar regardless of which government takes office after the election.

SOUNDBITE(BURMESE) U KO KO HLAING, Myanmar President’s chief political adviser
“Myanmar-China relations will continue to develop based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. China has dispatched a special envoy to witness the peace talks between the government and the ethnic armed groups, which is a positive pusher for Myanmar’s peace. As most of the ethnic armed groups are living in the Myanmar-China border areas, realizing the peace of these areas is beneficial to the stability and development in the areas and mutual cooperation between our two countries.”

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