China: non-acceptance on arbitration on South China Sea

China reiterates that it will not accept nor participate in the arbitral proceedings unilaterally initiated by the Philippines.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying says that China’s position stands on a solid international legal base and will not change.

The Philippines filed its arbitration case at the Hague in early 2013.

The South China Sea Arbitral Tribunal, established at the request of the Philippines, concluded a hearing on the case on July 13.

The Arbitral Tribunal decided to provide China with the opportunity to comment in writing by August 17, on anything said during this hearing on Jurisdiction and Admissibility.

In response, spokesperson Hua says China has made clear its position that the Arbitral Tribunal does not have jurisdiction over the South China Sea case.

She says China will not accept nor participate in the arbitral proceedings.

She says there has been a long-standing agreement between China and the Philippines on resolving their disputes in the South China Sea through friendly consultations and negotiations.

The spokesperson urges the Philippines to respect China’s right, which is endowed by international law, of choosing means of dispute settlement.

She also urges the Philippines to return to the track of resolving relevant disputes through negotiations and consultations.

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