China on Syrian crisis

China again called for a political solution to the crisis in Syria as Russia, the United States and the United Nations hastened diplomatic efforts to bring peace to the war-torn country.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday China noticed the initiatives pushed forward by the parties involved. China is open to all the initiatives as long as they are conducive to a political settlement on the Syrian crisis.

Hong said “China stresses five points in resolving the Syrian issue”.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) HONG LEI, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson:
“Firstly, the Syrian crisis must be resolved through political means, with no option for military use. Secondly, the Syrian people have the say in the future of their nation and political transition in the country can only be led by its people. Thirdly, an inclusive political process must be promoted, equal and open dialogue should be started as soon as possible. Fourthly, national reconciliation and unity must be achieved in Syria. Finally, humanitarian assistance must be delivered in Syria and its neighboring countries.

The spokesman urged parties concerned to find a “middle way” that meets Syria’s national conditions and the interests of all parties, so as to bring about a proper resolution of the Syria issue.

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