China provides Venezuela with much-needed medicine against Zika

China supplied Venezuela with 96 tons of much-needed medicine against Zika over the weekend as part of a comprehensive bilateral cooperation agreement between the two countries.

(Soundbite) Luisana Melo, Health Minister of Venezuela
“Today we are getting these 96 tons of medicine, including 186,000 units of intravenous fluids and 11,500 units of the antibody immunoglobulin G.”

The shipment arrived on May 28 at the Simon Bolivar International Airport, as Venezuela is battling the mosquito-borne Zika virus and the afflictions it causes.

(Soundbite) Luisana Melo, Health Minister of Venezuela
“Like everyone knows, Zika is an epidemic that has already has been controlling Venezuela, (but) with declining acute cases of the disease itself and complications. However, under the guarantee for a hundred percent of treatment for all, all of us continue to strengthen the acquisition of medicines for these complications.”

Venezuela’s comprehensive bilateral cooperation agreement with China is “so diverse that it ranges from raw materials to the acquisition of medicine,” noted the minister.

(Soundbite) Zhao Bentang, Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela
“The Chinese government and people maintain great friendship with the Venezuelan people. We are always next to them to face any difficulty.”

The two countries’ Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, established in 2014, aims to promote joint development for the benefit of both nations.

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