China seeks to make cities better places to live in

China has detailed its urban planning vision, with a goal of making its sprawling cities more inclusive, and liveable.
China’s policymakers pledge to transform urban development patterns and improve city management, at a two-day urban work meeting in Beijing.
The Central Urban Work Conference, the first such meeting in 37 years, ended on Tuesday. It’s attended by China’s top leaders including President Xi Jinping.
37 years ago, only 18 percent of China’s population lived in cities. By the end of 2011, the number rose to over 50 percent.
According to a statement released after the urban work conference, livable cities should be the central goal of China’s urban planning.
The government will take a more sophisticated approach on this issue, and encourage enterprises and citizens to participate in creating the cities of the future.
China’s urbanization drive will integrate rural residents into cities by granting migrant workers household registration, as long as they have lived and worked steadily there for a set period of time.
The statement also says safety would be the top priority in city development and management.
The emphasis comes in the wake of fatal accidents that have sent shockwaves through city planning departments all over the country.
A landslide hit an industrial park in Shenzhen on Sunday after a huge pile of construction waste collapsed and flowed down a hill, killing one and leaving 76 people missing.
On Aug. 12, two explosions ripped through a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin, claiming 173 lives, including 104 firefighters.

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