China, Singapore boost digital economy

China-Singapore Digital Economy Forum, aimed at boosting bilateral partnership in the new digital space, was held Tuesday in Singapore.

“Despite a slow start for China to develop its cyberspace, it moves forward quite fast, and now has the largest netizens in the world. Singapore, although has a small market, is influential in the business market in the Southeast Asia.

S Iswaran said that China has been at the forefront in digital economy, while Singapore is well-positioned to serve as a center for digital businesses in ASEAN and the larger Asia region.

In two plenary sessions, experts and business leaders exchanged views under the topics of “Opportunities in the new digital economy” and “Singapore-China collaboration in the digital era”.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) CHUA TAIK HIM, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, IE Singapore:
“Digital economy faces many challenges, such as the security. But these are also the areas that Singapore and China can work together. Singapore companies look small, but they are familiar with the Southeast Asian market, and therefore have much experiences to offer. I think companies from the two countries can well complement each other.”

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