China starts 5G research

Last year, China has a plan to launch commercial operation of 5G network by 2020 to boost 5G development worldwide.

How’s it going?

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) began to research and test 5G technology Thursday with the aim of commercializing it by 2020.

SOUNDBITE: CAO SHUMIN, Head of a 5G R&D team under the MIIT.
“The purpose of the research and test is to support the formulation of global 5G standards and boost the development of the telecom industry.”

Research and test work will be completed by 2018 and domestic telecom service providers will try to commercialize the 5G technology in the following two years.

ZHANG FENG, MIIT chief engineer
“China has made progress in the research of some key areas regarding 5G technology.”

China has more than 905 million mobile Internet users and about 380 million are 4G users.

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