China supports global health targets in SDG

The general discussion of the 69th World Health Assembly kicked off Monday in Geneva.

China’s minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission Li Bin, stressed the importance of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while underscoring China’s concerted efforts to improve the country’s health outlook.

China has adopted a number of key policies to improve the provision of medical care and health insurance while ensuring adequate drug supplies and regulation.

The efforts aim at reaching objectives set by Beijing’s “healthy China” strategy.

Globally, for those countries which face health scourges, China’s assistance is also important as diseases often spread across boundaries.

Over the years, China has sent over 23,000 healthcare workers to 66 countries to protect vulnerable populations from myriad health issues.

It also supports north-south and south-south cooperation on a number of topical health imperatives.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): LI BIN, Minister of National Health, Family Planning Commission
“Chinese government will make strong efforts to support the implementation of WHO’s 2030 sustainable development agenda in regional, national and global levels.”

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