China-U.S. film cooperation

The brand new blockbuster action film “Ip Man 3” had its U.S. premiere in Hollywood last week and is hot on the screen in the United States, which may promote China-U.S. film cooperation.

“Ip Man 3” is the third installment in the franchise about the Wing Chun Kung Fu grandmaster Ip Man. It is also the first of the three installments to premiere in America.

What kind of chemistry would generate when martial artist Donnie Yen meets former boxer Mike Tyson?

The brand new blockbuster action film “Ip Man 3” has the answer.

The creative idea has won applause from Hollywood filmmakers, and they would like to boost film cooperation with China.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) LORENZO SORIA, Chairman of Global Awards Organizing Committee:
“I think it’s a beautiful thing. It’s nice to see the cinema industry that’s being local become more and more global. I think that creates more opportunities and beauty of cinema in a way transcends language barriers of any kind of sources. I think it’s a very nice development.”

In recent years, cooperation between Chinese films and Hollywood has become a trend.

According to Shi Jianxiang, general producer of “Ip Man 3”, Chinese films must go global.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE)SHI JIANXIANG, general producer of “Ip Man 3”:
“China’s film culture should further open to the world, and take in foreign filmmakers from Hollywood and other countries. I hope the Chinese government will provide more platforms for Chinese filmmakers to communicate with the world in film culture. Because I think it’s important to be a cultural power.”

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