China, UK Football Museums partnership

China’s Linzi Football Museum is entering a partnership with the UK’s National Football Museum in Manchester.

Over the following months, the two museums will cooperate on special projects, cultural communications and learning agendas.

“We’ve inked the cooperation deal. This marks a new era for exchange between eastern and western football cultures; a chance to share the game’s amazing ancient and modern history with even more people.”

Kevin Moore, Director of the National Football Museum, says he’s delighted to see the partnership with the Linzi Football Museum in China’s eastern Linzi City, where China’s ancient football was born.

Cuju, the ancient form of modern football game, was a very popular game in China’s Spring and Autumn Period from 770 BC to 476 BC in Linzi.

“Experts confirmed Linzi as the birth place of Cuju in 2004, just the place we are in today.”

The city’s Linzi district, the birth place of Cuju, has been officially recognized by FIFA in 2004 as the origin of football.

The National Football Museum was built in Preston in 2001 and relocated to Manchester in 2012.

It looks after a collection of over 140,000 items on the history of Association football, including the FIFA Collection.

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