China urges implementation after historic climate deal sealed

“I see no objections. The Paris agreement is adopted.”

Cheering envoys from more than 190 nations approved a landmark deal to curb global warming in Paris.

It commits both rich and poor nations to reining in greenhouse gas emissions blamed for warming the planet.

Based on common but differentiated responsibilities, the deal aims to restrain the rise in temperatures to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, a mark scientists fear could be a tipping point for the climate.

The adoption of the deal put an end to nearly a fortnight of gruelling UN negotiations.

“The two-week long conference has basically been a problem of subtraction. Negotiators have seen all of 4 versions of the draft agreement, each one more streamlined and featuring fewer options.Though some say it’ s not perfect, but unquestionably it is a first global deal on climate change. And it seems world leaders have the basis to bring about some real climate actions.”

World leaders and scientists say the accord is vital for capping temperature rise and averting calamitous impacts from climate change.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon says the Paris deal is a “great victory” for the world, saying it demonstrates “solidarity”.

U.S. President Barack Obama says the pact is the “best chance to save the planet”, while French President Francois Hollande calls it a “revolution for climate change”.

China’s climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, says that China, as a responsible developing country, will take its obligations commensurate with its own national condition, development stage and actual capacity.

SOUNDBITE: XIE ZHENHUA, China’s Special Representative on Climate Change
“After unremitting efforts by all sides, the Paris accord was reached. It’s an equitable, balanced, ambitious, long-lasting and binding agreement. It sends a signal that the world will embark on a low-carbon, climate-friendly and sustainable course of development.”

Xie also calls on developed countries to keep to their promises on curbing emissions, and providing finance, technology development and transfer, and capacity building to developing countries.

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