China urges Philippines to abandon illusions on S. China Sea case

China reiterated that it does not accept nor will it participate in the Philippines’s South China Sea arbitration, urging the country to give up illusions and return to negotiations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei told a routine press that China’s territorial sovereignty should be decided by all the Chinese people, and no other people or organization has the right to handle it.

His comments came in response to a question regarding the recent release of a court hearing record by an international tribunal in the Hague lodged by the Philippines.

At the hearing, the Philippines ignored facts, international law and justice, and attempted to deny China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea islands as well as the legal force of the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation.

Hong said that this shows the essence of China-Philippines disputes over the South China Sea are territorial disputes.

Hong said China will not accept the results of third-party settlements of territorial disputes, urging the Philippines to change the course and return to the track of negotiations.

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