China urges U.S. to stop provocations in South China Sea

China on Saturday urged the United States to stop provocative actions following the flight of two B-52 bombers over the area near China’s Nansha islands.

Two U.S. bombers flew into the airspace near an island and reef of China’s Nansha Islands on Dec. 10.

The Pentagon said the flight might have strayed off course due to weather and an investigation had been launched.

In response, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China takes the incident seriously and has lodged solemn representation with the U.S.

The Chinese military kept strict surveillance and remained on high alert for U.S. bombers’ flight on Dec.10, warned and expelled the bombers.

And China’s Defense Ministry says the actions by the U.S. side were a serious military provocation, creating complex conditions in the South China Sea and even militarization in the region.

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