China wants to build Indonesia’s first high-speed rail

Indonesia wants its first-ever high-speed train.
And China wants to be the one to build it.
The high speed railway would link the capital Jakarta with the city of Bandung in the south.
The Chinese say their bid is highly competitive.
Japan also has ambitions to bring high-speed trains to Indonesia.
China made the offer Wednesday during a press conference at the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia.
The head of China’s National Development and Reform Commission said China’s high-speed rail technology is very mature.
He’s certainly right about that.
China operates 17,000 kilometers of high- speed rail.
That’s 55 percent of the world’s total.
Construction of the Jakarta-Bandung line in expected to begin in September and could be completedt within three years.
Indonesia announced last month it would hold an open bid for the high speed line.
Indonesian officals said they will study the Chinese bid and make a decision later.

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