China’s education development medium-high level globally: minister

China’s minister of education says the quality of education in China is on a par with, or even exceeds, many medium-high income countries.

Yuan Guiren made the remarks at a press conference on the sidelines of China’s annual parliamentary session.

“A third-party institution has assessed China’s advancements in education since the implementation of a medium to long-term education development plan five years ago. The gross enrollment rates of senior high schools and higher education were 87 percent and 40 percent, both above medium-high income countries.”

Yuan says kindergarten enrollment rate was 75 percent, the average level of a medium-high income country.

And the attendance rate for nine-year compulsory education surpassed the average level of high-income countries.

China has a free nine-year compulsory education system, which includes primary and junior-high schooling, but this has been extended to include kindergartens and senior high schools in many regions of the country.

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