China’s experience valuable for new sustainable development goals: UN Official

On Sunday, the UN’s 193 member states agreed on the final text for the sustainable development goals — a set of 17 economic, social and environmental targets for all countries to achieve by 2030.

Last Wednesday Xinhua spoke with Lenni Montiel, UN assistant secretary-general for economic development about China’s role in sustainable development both at home and abroad.

SOUNDBITE: Lenni Montiel, UN assistant secretary-general
“China — as many other middle-income countries — have a great experience right now in addressing poverty and addressing inequality in their own countries so going forward with the SDGs and the challenges ahead with the new development agenda it is unquestionable that middle income countries — and among them China above all — will have a fundamental role in continuing with these efforts.”

Montiel said that China’s economic growth and recent environmental efforts provided lessons that other countries could learn from.

SOUNDBITE: Lenni Montiel, UN assistant secretary-general
“China is following a very successful path of development in human history. Let me give you one single fact — there has been no country in this world so far who have lifted more people from poverty than China in the last 15 years.”

The 17 goals covering poverty, hunger, inequality, gender inequality and climate change will be officially adopted in September.

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