China’s largest freshwater lake triples in size due to downpour

Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake, has nearly tripled in size due to persistent heavy rains over the past two months. Its water level is still on the rise.

Days of continuous rain is bringing excess water to China’s largest freshwater lake.

Over the weekend, waters in Poyang Lake in eastern Jiangxi Province exceeded the warning level of 19 meters.

Some roads and parks nearby were also flooded, and some are completely cut off.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): Resident, Yongxiu County
“The flood is huge this year. It used to take me just over ten minutes to drive to Wucheng Town. But now I have to travel by boat, which takes 40 to 50 minutes.”

Jiangxi Province has been battered by heavy downpours several times in this rainy season.

The provincial flood control headquarters asked cities and counties near the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake to prepare for floods and take response measures.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): ZHOU BIN, Official, Xingzi County water conservation bureau
“The water level of Poyang Lake has exceeded the warning level. Xingzi County has initiated a level-four response. Eight dams in the county are guarded by eight teams. With the water level rising, we’ll mobilize all emergency teams from the county, townships and villages, to patrol the dams.”

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