China’s Long March-5 rocket arrives in Hainan Province

The powerful new Chinese rocket designed to launch space station modules and Mars probes for the country has arrived at the southern port serving its launch site.
The Long March-5 rocket reached Qinglan Port in Wenchang, Hainan Province, after a six-day journey at sea. Specially-designed cargo ships ferried the rocket – which has a diameter of five meters, 3.35 meters thicker than its predecessors – from Tianjin in north China.
The first rocket in the Long March-5 series will now be sent to the Wenchang satellite launch center in parts. Over the next two months, the center will assemble it and run a series of tests.
The rocket will be transported to the launching area in late October and stand ready for launching in November. Future uses for the Long March-5 will include a robotic mission designed to land on the lunar surface and send samples back to Earth in 2017, and a Mars mission scheduled for 2020.

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