China’s mass human migration starts amid cold spell

The 2016 Spring Festival travel rush officially begins today, with millions packing up for trips back home.

And this year, the travel peak comes as many parts of China are hit by a cold snap — for some regions, the worst in decades.

China’s largest annual human migration starts on Sunday.

The 40-day travel peak comes around the Spring Festival, China’s most important holiday for family reunions.

“I’m so glad that I can go home and see my younger brother, and my grandparents.”

This year, the Spring Festival travel rush comes as many parts of the country are shivering through a cold front.

What’s billed as “the worst cold snap in decades” forced many to bundle up, but barely any to cancel their trips.

QIU JIAJUN, Migrant worker
“I’ve put on many clothes, including three pairs of underwear, and several sweaters.”

Over 2.9 billion trips are expected to be made around China during this year’s travel rush.

Road trips alone will reach 2.48 billion, a 2.4-percent increase from last year.

“Today is the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush. Due to the cold weather, we have increased staff at all positions, and set up an emergency waiting area and shuttle bus services for passengers that arrive late.”

This year’s Spring Festival falls on Feb. 8.

Hundreds of millions of people travel home around the holiday to spend time with their families.

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