China’s Mo Yan steals show at Lima book fair

Chinese Noble Prize winner Mo Yan and his literary works were exalted as thoughtful and critical of the reality of China, Saturday in Lima at the 20th International Book Fair.

(Soundbite) Carlos Mesia, Peruvian Exhibitor
“We consider him a distinguished writer, because he is proficient in writing legends. He can form a novel from nowhere, seemingly costing no efforts at all. He has an amazing ability to turn a simple idea into a great and monumental work.”

At the panel entitled The Current Chinese Society and the Works of Mo Yan, the observers compared the Chinese author to Garcia Marquez, the Colombian writer who created the literary style of Magical Realism which has become one of the cultural pillars of Latin America.
Furthermore, Mo Yan has gone on to develop a style that has been characterized as Hallucinatory Realism, which merges folk tales, history and contemporary materials, the observers said.

(Soundbite) Carlos Mesia, Peruvian Exhibitor
“The most important lesson about his works is that one has to stay faithful and authentic to his ideas, above criticism as well as praise. Mo Yan used to be a poor child, expelled from school and unable to build a future. However, he managed to enter college and then climb to fame and success.”

Mo Yan became widely known in Peru, especially after he accompanied Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to the South American country in May during an official visit.

In 2012, the then 57-year-old novelist became the first Chinese writer winning the Noble Prize for his loyal and detailed description of the lives in northern villages of China.

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