China’s parade shows peaceful development strategy: Fmr. French PM

The Chinese capital Beijing is making final preparations for a grand military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Xinhua talked with former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who believes the event will also present an opportunity to show off China’s development strategy to the rest of the world.

Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin says the military parade that China will hold in a few days’ time to mark its WWII victory would only manifest China’s strategy of peaceful development.

“The military parade that China will hold to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory in China’s anti-Japanese war is of great significance. It’s an opportunity to manifest a country’s force but also to show that it’s not bellicose. In this parade, China will show off the progress it has made, and its strategy of peaceful development. In a world of uncertainties, China’s vision of building a multi-polar peaceful world is very important.”

The military parade will be held on Sept. 3 in downtown Beijing.

Eleven foot formations, 27 armament formations, 10 aircraft formations and two veteran teams will join the event.

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