China’s peacekeeping efforts “exemplary”: UN official

China’s contribution to the UN’s peacekeeping missions shows its commitment to peace, security and stability around the world, says the United Nations’ deputy peacekeeping chief.

SOUNDBITE: EDMOND MULET, Deputy UN peacekeeping chief
“There are so many conflicts now around the world, so many people in need, so many people suffering, children and women especially. And when you see that engagement from China, that means China is really concerned because of the plight and the problems these people are suffering. The level of human solidarity, that sense of brotherhood, that China is showing is very exemplary.”

Since 1948, UN peacekeeping operations have been helping to maintain international peace and security — the main purpose of the organization, which is enshrined in the UN’s Charter.

China began to participate in UN peacekeeping operations in 1990. Since then the country has contributed more than 30,000 military and police personnel.

SOUNDBITE: EDMOND MULET, Deputy UN peacekeeping chief
“China’s contribution is more than important. It’s really extraordinary. And for our own credibility, our own legitimacy as an international organization, to have China’s contribution of course is very very very important.”

Once heading the UN’s peacekeeping mission in Haiti, Mulet recalled the days in Port-au-Prince, when he worked with a Chinese police unit.

SOUNDBITE: EDMOND MULET, Deputy UN peacekeeping chief
“We were living through very difficult times in Haiti at that time, there are gangs, urban gangs were controlling the entire city, the capital city of Port-au-Prince. It was thanks to the Chinese police unit that they were able to provide security, stability and bring peace back to the population of Port-au-Prince.”

As this year marks the 25th year of China’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations, Mulet spoke highly of China’s efforts, and expressed hope for more contributions from China.

SOUNDBITE: EDMOND MULET, Deputy UN peacekeeping chief
“Thank you to China for this exemplary contribution, and also, inviting China to contribute more. Because the more China contributes to peacekeeping, the more efficient and effective we would be the United Nations on the ground, in the field.”

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. The organization was established after World War II with the mission to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.

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