China’s telecom giant pioneers Digital City Summit for Brazil

China’s telecommunication giant Huawei Thursday promised to help Brazil arm its towns and cities with updated information technologies, while hosting the two-day Digital City Brazil Summit 2015 in São Paulo.

(Soundbite) Wang Guoyu, Regional Director of Huawei
“Huawei will provide the Brazilian towns and cities with ICT solution for infrastructure, including communication, data center and emergency command.”

Around 500 delegates from the Brazilian government and the communication sector welcomed the Huawei initiative for the project, which aims to keep the residents in Brazil’s 5,700 towns and cities digitally informed, no matter how remote they are.

(Soundbite) Wang Guoyu, Regional Director of Huawei
“For remote cities, we will offer 4G wireless access to replace the fixed network, which, for example, will make it more convenient for many primary and secondary school students to access the internet and enjoy fair educational opportunity.”

At the summit, Huawei also vowed to carry out its initiative in conjunction with local telecom operators to help Brazil’s national industry grow on its own.

The Digital City Brazil project is designed to provide intelligent services in places like parks, streets, schools and hospitals to facilitate more secure and efficient social services.

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