Chinese ad sparks outrage

Join us for a discussion about the recent Chinese laundry detergent commercial that provoked a media storm and allegations of racism. The ad shows a black man being stuffed into a washing machine before transforming into a fair-skinned Asian man. Last weekend, the manufacturer of Qiaobi, the laundry detergent, issued a public apology for having caused controversy. However, the apology itself was also criticized for being insensitive. Does China have a racism problem? Some argue that the Chinese preference for fair skin is linked to classism, rather than racism. How should that factor into the Chinese dialogue around race? Who should push forward the need for cultural sensitivity education in China? And how do racial issues differ in China from other nations like the US? We discuss these issues with Victor Gao, CCTV current affairs commentator; Lionel Donovan, CCTV social media correspondent; and in Chicago, Dali Yang, professor of the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago.

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