Chinese ballet dancers perform Spartacus at International Cervantino Festival

Chinese ballet dancers perform “Spartacus” at International Cervantino Festival
The local audience in Mexico’s central state of Guanajuato gained some unique experience of the art of ballet on Friday, when Chinese dancers staged the European classic “Spartacus” for the ongoing 43rd International Cervantino Festival.

(Soundbite) GUSTAVO CORTES, Spectator
“Chinese people boast a splendid traditionalist culture and always seek perfection. I think we can expect that from the ballet, with artistic perfection.”

The troupe came from China’s northeastern province of Liaoning under the invitation of the festival-organizing committee.

(Soundbite) VIANEY RUGE, Spectator
“Culturally, it is something perfect. They come for exchange of cultures. We have something in common. New friendships are forged therefore.”

The International Cervantino Festival is an annual art event for global artists to promote reflection, coexistence and critical analysis of society, as well as commemorate those contributing to the development of the Spanish language.

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