Chinese Buddhism culture on exhibition in London

“360 Peace and Harmony Exhibition” kicked off Tuesday at London Mall Galleries, bringing traditional Chinese culture and Chinese Buddhism to local residents.

For thousands of years, Buddhism has been an important religion in China and also an indispensable part of Chinese culture. The exhibition brought to Britain a group of ancient Tangka and Buddhism classics, presenting to the visitors the development of Buddhism in China.

Most of the ancient Tangka are on show for the first time outside China.

I think the focus on unity of faith, that to me, as creative artists, as an actor, someone whose being in the performing act on my entirely life. It is all about unity, we do, there are many faiths, and there is my believe – one god. And to see that message so powerfully and beautifully confirmed today is a very specially experience.

Besides the Buddhism artworks and classics, also presented at the exhibition is the book of “The Governing Principles of Ancient China 360”, which is a collection of thoughts on governing in Chinese history.

Visitors can also appreciate Chinese calligraphy and enjoy traditional dim-sum at the exhibition.

The event will run through Oct. 3.

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