Chinese bus producer Yutong integrated into Cuba’s transport system

These buses with the Yutong logo are running extensively in Cuba, from tourism to public transportation, becoming a symbol of China’s industrial cooperation with the island country.

(Soundbite) Wang Tong, Sales Manager of Yutong in Cuba
“Last year we sold a total of 1,500 units of buses and chassis (in Cuba), and signed contracts with Cuban companies worth around 10 million U.S. dollars, definitely a big amount.”

Yutong started to provide buses and relevant technologies to Cuba in 2005, with a positive impact on the local market with its quality, comfort and adaptation.

(Soundbite) Enrique Martinez, General Manager of Bus Company CAISA
“Yutong has made technology transfer in the first stage with supply of ZKD or chassis for us to assemble. Today we are discussing another much deeper process of technology transfer related to design, quality, production management and other elements of bus production.”

With the introduction of Yutong service, the local public transport sector has reversed its passive situation arising from lack of buses.

(Soundbite) Wang Tong, Sales Manager of Yutong in Cuba
“With so much confidence that we have obtained from the Cuban government, we must further improve our products, after-sales service and spare parts.”

There are now 5,890 Yutong vehicles commuting in Cuba, which is becoming the Chinese producer’s largest market in Latin America.

(Soundbite) Enrique Martinez, General Manager of Bus Company CAISA
“Yutong has provided us with resources worth some 18 million dollars this year, which should remain more or less the same for next year. The cooperation is really very important for us, because it provides us a safe and quality partner to work with. Yutong and other Chinese companies play a very important role in the development of our industry.”

In 2014, Yutong started to export chassis to Havana, and a joint venture with the state bus-maker CAISA is now in blueprint to help develop its auto industry.

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