Chinese classic musical instrument performance impresses Peruvians

A concert featuring classical musical instruments of China was held in Lima, capital of Peru, on August 8, impressing the local audience with a lingering experience.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Mariana Talavera, Audience
“Well, the sound of the instrument (is amazing). It is the first time we have heard it and the truth is that it is wonderful and quite expressive.”

The show lasted over 70 minutes, with eight artists playing Guqin, accompanied by flute, guitar and cello performance and singing.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Zhu Xiaoyan, Chinese Cultural Counselor to Peru
“(The concert is held) To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Peru. The show is named High Mountain and Fluid Water. It provides an opportunity for the Peruvian public to know about the elegance of the classic instrument called Guqin and Chinese folklores.”

The performance was sponsored by the Chinese Embassy and other civic groups in order to promote bilateral understanding within the framework of the Year of Cultural Exchange between China and Latin America and the Caribbean.

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