Chinese cliff diver leaps into unconsciousness

It was all fun and games for an outdoorsy group of Chinese until one daredevil lost consciousness. The man was seen jumping into a lake from a ten-meter high cliff in Quzhou city, east China’s Zhejiang Province. But the cheers that were accompanying his risky stunt soon vanished, and silence took over when his body floated on the surface of the water without any movement. The man had passed out because of the impact of the dive as he landed horizontally in the water. His friends rushed for his rescue, and pulled him to the rocky bank where they resuscitate him. After a while, he gained consciousness and was assisted by his friends as he called it a day. Cliff diving is one of the most dangerous extreme sports. Depending on the speed at which a diver hits the water, injuries could vary from bruises, dislocated joints, to spine compression, paralysis and even death.

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