Chinese contractor delivers first batch of turbines for Ecuador

The first four turbines were delivered for operation of Ecuador’s largest hydroelectric plant on April 13 in Napo Province, some 150 kilometers east to capital city Quito.

(Soundbite) Jorge Glas, Vice President of Ecuador
“We are delivering more than infrastructure. We are fulfilling a promise, a promise that as the Ecuadorians stand together and work hard, we can achieve what we want and nothing stops us.”

The plant was called Coca Codo Sinclair and built by Chinese consortium the Sinohydro Corporation.

(Soundbite) Jorge Glas, Vice President of Ecuador
“We change the Ecuadorians and we change Ecuador. We know what we can do. We can create more opportunities for further growth and development of the national productive apparatus.”

The project will generate 1,500 megawatts of power on annual basis, meeting 30 percent of the domestic demand and helping save 600 million U.S. dollars in fuel imports.

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