Chinese designers eager to win acceptance in UK

Works of Chinese designers are often hard to win market in western countries because of the lack of platform.

But they are attempting to change the situation.

The Young Chinese Designers Supporting Program started Friday in London may offer a good platform for them.

More than 10 young Chinese designers have brought their works to the two-day bazaar, hoping to raise money to support fashion newcomers.

According to the organizer, it’s often tough for Chinese designers in the UK to integrate into the mainstream society.

But most of the time, they just lack a platform to showcase their works.

SOUNDBITE: WANG HAIZHEN, Womenswear Designer
“Sometimes designers find it hard to develop their career. Such an event is a good chance for them to showcase their work to the public.”

The program has been applauded by many Chinese designers.

They hope that they can get more feedbacks through the platform.

“I think being an independent designer is difficult in the UK, which costs a lot and we have some restrictions on sales channels in a foreign land. I think such activities will help young designers a lot in the future, strengthening their confidence. As Chinese designers, we have a feeling of belonging when participating the event. I am really grateful and will do my best at the event.”

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