Chinese Dream, My Dream: China-educated Ghanaian cardiologist

Bright Eric Ohene encourages people to dream because dreamers can become transformers.

“If you dream, sometimes you wake up and do something about the dream,” he says, as he grabs some free time in the midst of his hectic hospital schedule. “That is, improve yourself. And in the process of improving yourself, make sure it translates into improving the life of other people.”

The 35-year-old heart surgeon interning in Beijing Anzhen Hospital came to China as a self-sponsored student impressed by the spectacular 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

In the nearly eight years that he’s been here, he sees his dream reflected in the Chinese Dream for improvement. His goal is to take the medical knowledge he has acquired in China as well as contacts formed back home to Ghana. There he plans to build a healthcare facility based on the Chinese model. #ChineseDream #MyDream

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