Chinese driver kills 3, endangers 7-year-old daughter in shocking crash

A man who was recklessly driving with a minor on board and rammed into a group of pedestrians, killing three of them, has been detained by the police. The accident took place earlier this week, in the city of Suzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province. A dashboard cam recorded the shocking and horrifying footage of the moment of the impact. The car could be seen veering off the road, and heading towards a group of seven girls. One lied unconscious on the car’s hood, while the vehicle was moving, before disappearing out of the frame before the car crashed into a pole. Three pedestrians were killed in the accident, and the other four were injured and hospitalized. The man, who was driving with his 7-year-old daughter, was apprehended, but claimed the car was out of control at the time. Further investigation is underway.

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