Chinese film nabs Fedeora award at Venice Int’l Film Festival

The Chinese film Underground Fragrance on Friday received an award at the Venice International Film Fest.
It was awarded the Best Film by FEDEORA, the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean.
The award was handed out at Venice Days, an independent section at the festival.
Fedeora described Underground Fragrance as a “sensitive and intelligent” film that reveals the underbelly of modern Chinese society.
It said the film is directed with great skill and conviction.
Underground Fragrance is the first feature film by young Chinese director Peng Fei.
It tells a story of three people struggling for their dreams in Beijing.
In the film, Peng’s camera pays particular attention to the younger generation of China.
Peng says he believes young people in China need to be encouraged to pursue their dreams with concrete dedication and commitment.
The director said he too has a long way to go in his career.
He sees the Fedeora award as praising his choice to tell a story that reflects reality.

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