Chinese food and variety show highlight Merida’s celebration of founding anniversary

To mark the 474th anniversary of its founding, Merida, capital city of Mexico’s southeastern state of Yucatan, kicks off the annual “Merida Festival” on January 16, which features a week-long cultural and culinary show of Chengdu, capital city of China’s southwestern province of Sichuan.
(Soundbite) VALERY AMADOR, Deputy Director of Cultural Innovation
“We want to have this exchange of cultural activities. This week we have a tasting of China, where chefs have come to present traditional food of China.”
This year’s festival emphasizes Chinese elements, because the local Chinese community has contributed a lot to the city’s economic and cultural development
(Soundbite) KIT WONG BING, Member of Chinese Association of Yucatan Peninsula
“There are about 1,000 Chinese people in Merida and some 3,000 on Yucatan Peninsula. They are Chinese descendants or directly come from China.”
To some extent, bilateral exchange with China helps Merida shine as the pearl of the peninsula
(Soundbite) CAROLINA CARDENAS, Tourism Official
“We already have the instruction from the mayor to prepare a festival in Chengdu with culinary and dance show to help the people there know more about Merida.”
Since it was founded in 1542 during the colonial times, Merida has developed into one of the most important cultural and tourism cities of Mexico.

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