Chinese immigrants mark their culture day in San Jose

Lion dance heated up the atmosphere in front of the China Town in San Jose on Oct. 5, when the local Chinese community inaugurated their annual celebration of the Chinese Culture Day.

They had a reason to revel. Chinese immigrants have been widely accepted since they first settled in this Central American country 160 years ago, and the Costa Rican government passed a decree in 2003 to designate every first Monday of October as the Chinese Culture Day to highlight their contribution.

(Soundbite) DOUGLAS ALTAMIRANO, Representative of Local People
“You have earned my respect. I hope you can continue to work as usual. You come from a country with a different culture, but you have come to generate wealth and employment with your business despite of the difficulties.”

Tea making. Calligraphy. National music. The street show won heartfelt appreciation from the local audience.

(Soundbite) Lili Man, Chinese Community Leader
“The Chinese community celebrates the 160th anniversary of their arrival here. Today, there are many Costa Ricans who have Chinese blood. The Chinese community’s contribution has been written into the country’s history.”

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