Chinese man covers license plate of moving truck with body

An online search (or maybe a chat with an expert in eluding cops?) reveals a handful of methods to hide one’s license plate. Some opt for newspapers to conceal the registration number; others go a step further using paint. However a truck driver has come up with an odd way to evade surveillance cameras as he rode along a highway in Yulin city, China’s northwest Shaanxi Province.
He drove his vehicle with what can only be considered as a good friend hanging on the front bumper of the lorry, using his body to shield the registration mark. It is still unclear why the driver and the accomplice have decided to carry out such dangerous act. Police were able to identify the vehicle as it passed through a checkpoint an hour after being caught on camera.
The driver will be fined 200 yuan (30 US dollars) and 12 points will be deducted from his driving license. China applies a “12-point system” or a demerit point system, which controls and penalizes traffic violations. Each driver has 12 points in his driving license a year that can be deducted. Losing all points in one year means the driver has to go back to driving school for a course in traffic rules.

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