Chinese man stuffs wife in car trunk amid apathetic bystanders

A video showing a Chinese man brutally beating his wife in public and locking her up in his car’s trunk has caused a commotion online with netizens denouncing domestic violence.
The footage, which reportedly happened in Cangzhou, north China’s Hebei Province, showed a man repeatedly slapping his wife at a petrol station in daylight, before stuffing her in his car’s boot. The woman was seen struggling to get out, to no avail.
Several onlookers attempted to interfere but soon backed down when the woman was inside the boot.
A local police officer soon traced the couple, and posted an announcement online saying the two had an altercation while refueling. However, the woman refused to file a report to the police and chose to continue living with her husband.
This announcement immediately gained traction, reeling in tens of thousands of comments online.
Netizens lashed out on the man for his savagery and violence, while others criticized the wife for keeping quiet and deciding to remain with him.

“This man is rubbish, girls should be careful when getting married,”said @youpinwajueji.

“This is what we can see, there’s something we can’t see. Nobody knows what this woman will suffer after she goes back home! It’s horrible,” noted ASCETIC-Ziti.
According to the latest report posted by the local police officer on Friday evening, the man has been detained as he later visited his in-laws to stir some trouble.

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