Chinese man to embark on silk road voyage after Arctic Ocean passage

Guo Chuan will set sail again in mid-October to explore the maritime silk road after having completed a record-setting passage in the Arctic Ocean with his international crew.

Guo, 50, returned to Qingdao on Sunday after a non-stop 24-day trip on the sea.

He and his crew including two Frenchmen, a German and a Russian set off on September 3 in the Russian city of Murmansk, and completed the North-East passage in the Arctic Ocean 12 days later.

They then used another 12 days to reach Qingdao, where they were given a hero welcome.

But he will have little time to recover. He is scheduled to embark on the maritime silk road voyage in mid-October.

Guo will visit Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombo of Sri Lanka, Bombay, Alexander of Egypt, Southampton of Britain and Rotterdam. The voyage is expected to last 60 days.

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